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Welcome to our blog post. Today. we’ll look at the price targets for Vodafone Idea Shares in 2023-2024-2025-and 2030. Vodafone Idea is a company in the telecom sector. It is also called VI. If you don’t already know.

Vodafone and Idea were once separate companies that later merged. This is how VI, i.e., Vodafone Idea, was created. Now many investors are thinking of investing in it. but they have a lot of questions about it. such as whether this company will be able to run in the future. whether people use it. etc.

Today we will talk about it in detail, we will do a complete analysis of the company and know whether it will be in demand in the future or not. it is a well-known telecom company in India. It is headquartered in Gandhinagar and Mumbai.

The company offers 2G. 3G. 4G. 5G and Vo LTE services. As we had already told you that these two were different companies, later in August 2018, these two companies joined hands.

Vodafone holds a 46.1% stake. and Idea holds a 26% stake. For information, let me tell you that until some time ago. more than 300 million users were connected to it. Also, it is a reliable company. so you can trust it.

Today. along with analyzing the complete details of the company’s business, we will also look at the future aspects of the business.

so that we will get a very good idea of how much Vodafone Idea share price target can be seen in the coming years. Let’s know in detail:

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2030 An In-Depth Analysis

 Vodafone Idea Ltd is working in the telecom sector. The company is a pan-India integrated wireless broadband operator that provides 2G. 3G. 4G. 5G VoLTE and VoWifi services.

The company also has National Long Distance (NLD) and International Long Distance (ILD) operations and Internet Service Provider (ISP) licenses.

The main business of the company can be divided into the following categories

  • Mobile Telephony
  • Cordless Broadband
  • Internet Services

According to the latest data, Vodafone Idea Limited has 269.03 million subscribers. The company is the third largest company in the telecom sector in the country.

U Broadband India Limited (formerly known as U Broadband India Private Limited) is a subsidiary of Vodafone Idea Limited providing FTTH and broadband services in India.

The Current State of Vodafone Idea 2023

Ever since Ambani ji’s Jio has come, many telecom companies have closed down. One of them is VI which is being used by a lot of people right now but the condition of the company is fragile. There is a lot of debt on it. and the company is gradually reducing this debt.

Looking at the company. it seems that after the next few years. its dominance will also decrease or it will also stop completely. But such a big company. how will it close like this? A lot of people like VI. In such a situation. the company will definitely take some steps that can get out of debt.

If we talk about Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2023. then in the terrible time of Corona epidemic. the price of Vodafone Idea share was just ₹ 3. But after that. the stock had climbed to ₹ 16. Now the current stock price is running between ₹7 and ₹10.

If Vodafone Idea expands its business in the next few quarters. then the share price may move upwards

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2024

Vodafone Idea’s management is seeing rapid changes in many such strategies in the business to recover its business and improve the performance of its business.

For some time now. the management has been taking many such decisions to keep its excess expenses in control. due to which the company is going to get the necessary benefits in the coming years

The full focus of management is to reduce the loss of the company to a great extent in the coming few years and gradually take the business towards profit.

for which the management is going to see many such decisions in its business in the coming days. which the company is definitely going to benefit from

If the management seems to be reducing the loss in the business. then Vodafone ideal share price target can give you a very good return by 2024.

while you can see the first target of Rs 15. After that. you can stop for the second target to be 17 rupees.

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2025

At present Jio and Airtel are giving it a lot of competition in the market. These two companies are also constantly taking new steps to increase their business and are investing a lot of money. But VI has a lot of debt. so here comes the thing to think about how VI will be able to invest so much.

The company is not able to improve its technology over time. But their efforts continue. If we look at its data for the last 1 year.

it has given a return of only 1.78% in 2021. which is not a good thing for investors. If we look at the last 5 years. it has gone down by -77.02% (Negetiv) in the last 5 years.

If you still want to invest in it. for a short time. then let me tell you that in 2025. the first target of Vodafone Ideas share price can be Rs 49 and the second target can be Rs 71.78.


Price Target for Vodafone Idea Shares in 2026

Vodafone Idea is constantly investing a large amount in 5G technology to keep its business updated with changing technology and provide better facilities to its customers.
The company has seen the government buy many such 5G spectrum bands, with the help of which the company is going to see itself providing better network service to its customers in every corner of India in the coming days.
The way Vodafone Idea seems to be able to keep its business updated with new technology to compete with its parent company With Jio and Airtel. it can be expected that the company will definitely see good benefits in the coming time.
The first target of Rs 28 demonstrates business growth as the company updates its operations. After this target is hit, you can see the second target touching 30 rupees.

Price Target for Vodafone Idea Shares in 2030

In the long run, Vodafone Idea is working on a plan to invest a large amount to improve the performance of its business, for which the management seems to be trying its best to raise money through different means. In the coming days.
if Vodafone Idea seems to be able to raise money for investment in its business. then due to this. the company’s business will definitely be revived.
The management’s entire plan is to somehow raise money from different sources and invest in the maximum amount of business infrastructure. 
due to which the company will again be able to compete with other Patanjali companies like Jio and Airtel. whose benefits will definitely be seen gradually by the company.
In the long run. as business investment increases, Vodafone Idea has set a price target for 2030. The first target can be traded for around Rs 50. giving the shareholder a very good return. After that. you can see the second target is 60 rupees.

Strengths of VI Ltd. The company’s financial strength 

  • The company generates Rs 4.68 per share in free cash flow.
  • Last year. the company reduced its losses by 36.7%
  • Vodafone Idea has been maintaining an effective average operating margin of 26.22 per Rupay . over the last five years.
  • a great cash conversion cycle of 72.44 days.
  • The company has a high promoter rating of 74.99%.
  • The number of customers for the company has not decreased in the last two quarters.
  • Vodafone Idea Limited has a presence in 22 circles of the country and a subscriber base of 269.03 million under its unified brand Vi
  • The company has a large spectrum portfolio.

 Vodafone Idea Ltd’s Weaknesses

Financial weaknesses of the company:
  • The company continues to suffer huge losses. The loss in 2021 was 46,293.70 crore. and in 2020 it was 73,131.50 crore. In 2022, it will be 7,599.5 crores.
  • Huge debt burden of  248,176 Crore.
  • Both the current ratio and the quick ratio are 0.29, i.e., the company is not even in a position to meet its short-term liabilities.
  • Vodafone Idea has shown poor revenue growth of 14.41% in the last 3 years.
  • The company’s ROE of -77.32% has been very poor in the last 3 years.
  • 18.92% of the company has had poor ROCE in the last 3 years.
  • The book value of the stock is negative.

How do I buy Vodafone Idea shares?

If you want to invest in it for a short time. then you can use Angle One. This is a very popular app in India. Millions of people invest through this app.
What is “Angle One” on Google? – You can search for “master eyes.” What is Angle One? After writing Master’s Eyes, you will be able to reach the right website. That post gives complete information about how you can download Angle One and earn money.
Should I invest in Vodafone Idea shares?
If you want to invest for a long time, then this company is not good for you at all. You should move on to another company.
But if you want to invest for a short time. then you can do it. Telecom is a business that needs to make more investments from time to time.
Vodafone Idea Future Prospects
Vodafone Idea’s business is in a very critical position right now. even though the management is seeing a lot of good decisions to recover its business. but still. the company is not looking good at all to invest with an eye to the future.
 Gradually, in order to bring the management business back on track. the company seems to be gradually increasing the price of its customers’ recharge plans. due to which the average revenue of the company is gradually increasing, and due to which the company seems to be helping to grow its business.

Risk of the Vodafone idea Share

 In the telecom sector, businesses must always keep their technology updated. which requires a lot of investment from time to time. For example. if Vodafone Idea is running its business in losses every year; in such a situation. the company may face a lot of difficulty in running the business in the coming days.

When will the stock price of Vodafone Idea rise?
Vodafone Idea, the third-largest telecom company, is engaged in raising capital and finding investors to repay the debt. Vodafone Idea. the third-largest telecom company is engaged in finding investors to raise capital and repay debt.
The company can also use the investment to expand its network. Earlier. the government’s intervention saved Vodafone Idea from the brink of bankruptcy.

 Shares of Vodafone Idea, a telecom company that has been surrounded by difficulties for some time. shot up in Monday’s business.

As soon as the news came out that Vodafone Idea could get an investment of up to Rs 20,000 crore from e-commerce company Amazon. the telecom company’s shares jumped a long way and remained up at about 5.


Amazon may make a big investment in Voda-Idea.

During trading on the BSE Voda Idea shares rose Rs 4.81  to an intra-day high of Rs 9.36.In the last two sessions. the telecom company’s stock has gained Rs 7.33  The company’s stock is currently trading above the 5-day and 20-day averages.

However. it is still below the 50-day. 100-day and 200-day averages. With today’s boom, the market capitalization of VI has increased to Rs 30000 crore.


 So. friends. this was the Vodafone Idea Share price target for 2023- 2023- 2025. and 2030. Also. You must have learned a lot about VI from this post. I have told you everything about it. now you can invest in it if you want.

But I would advise you to invest in it only after doing good research. As you go. I would like to tell you that you should share this post with all your friends and social media accounts. so that other people can also know about the share price of Vodafone Idea. Thank you
Always keep learning. talking about the second risk. If you look at Vodafone Idea. then the debt burden is very high due to non-payment of interest.
The debt burden on the company is increasing significantly. If the debt burden is seen increasing in the same way. then the company’s business may have to face more difficulties.


Q- Should you invest in Vodafone Idea stock?

Ans-Right now according to Vodafone’s 2022 share price target. it is best to avoid this stock, but you can study the company’s business and invest a small amount in it from time to time you do not have to put too much money into this stock.

Q-Will the Vodafone Idea company be closed?

Ans-No. because the management of the company is good and the government is trying to give some relief to the telecom sector it may also happen that the company can do something good going forward.

Q-Is Vodafone Idea a good stock to buy?

Ans-The company is constantly incurring huge losses and there is also a huge burden of debt. Whether the company will survive or not is a big question.

Q-The Idea Vodafone company works in which sector?

Ans- the telecom sector.

Q Will the Vodafone Idea Company shut down?

Ans- No everyone is dependent on the government. If the government takes some decisions in its interest. then this company can do well in the future.

Q When did the Idea Vodafone company start?

Ans -August 2018.

Q Where is its headquarters located?

Ans- Mumbai and Gandhinagar.

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