Suzlon Share Price Targets 2025-2030 and 2040 | In-Depth Analysis


suzlon share price target 2025-In today article. you learn how much Suzlon share price targets for 2023 are. The Suzlon share price is expected to rise in the years 2025–2024 and 2030.

In the long run. due to the financial crisis. there has been a very bad effect on the company’s business. due to which the share price of Suzlon has also seen a huge decline.

But due to the increasing demand for renewable energy over the last few years, investors are expecting good growth in the Suzlon Energy business.

Today we will analyse the companys’ business thoroughly as well as look at the future aspects of the business so that we can get a good idea of how much Suzlon Energy shares the target.

So we are of the opinion that if you want to buy shares of Suzlon or are thinking of investing in it. before doing that. You should know about Suzlon share price target for 2020–2023–2024–2025. and 2030.

which will be very beneficial for you. In this article. we have tried to estimate the future Suzlon share price based on technical analysis. Let us try to know by analysing in detail

Company Overview Suzlon Company Limited?

Let us tell you that Suzlon Company Limited is a global wind energy company that has achieved the status of being number four in the manufacture of wind turbines in Asia and number eight in the whole world. According to the latest data, Suzlon has an installed 18.990 MV capacity

Founded in 1995,.Suzlon is one of the leading global renewable energy solutions providers. Over the past two decades  Suzlon has installed more than 19.4 gigawatts of wind power in 17 countries across six continents.

Suzlon is Asia largest wind turbine company which has been performing well on the stock market for some time due to which the eyes of investors are constantly on the company. This stock is giving you a chance to make a 100% profit by trading/investing from 2023 to 2025

The Current State of Suzlon?

Suzlon has faced several challenges in recent years, including financial difficulties and operational challenges. The company has been working hard to address these issues and improve its performance.

In 2020 Suzlon was able to secure a significant amount of financing which has helped the company to stabilize its financial position  Additionally the company has been working on improving its operational efficiency and reducing its costs.

Despite these efforts Suzlon share price has been under pressure in recent months. The company share price has been affected by several factors including the overall weakness in the stock market as well as concerns about the company financial position and future prospects.

 Suzlon Share Price Target: 2023?

 For the past few years Suzlon Energy has consistently presented a very good performance in every quarterly result. The company’s sales and profits are seeing a very good jump.

In view of the increasing demand for clean energy, the company is constantly increasing its energy production capacity for this. the company seems to be making big investments.

 Along with this, this company is constantly focusing on increasing its power production capacity by making new types of innovations in the field of its wind turbines.

 As the company’s production capacity increases, the company’s business will also increase. In 2023 you can see the company’s share target figures around ₹ 9 and  10.50.

  Suzlon Energy Share Price Target: 2024?

In wind energy, Suzlon Energy appears to be one of India’s largest companies where the company alone occupies about 33 percent of the market. Given the increasing demand for clean energy. the company seems to be adding a lot to increase its production capacity.
The company currently has 19.108 MW of power generation capacity. and the management expects to increase investment by a significant amount each year in order to increase capacity.
Along with this Suzlon Energy is also working on increasing the production capacity of its power by making new innovations in its wind turbine.
just as the production capacity of the company’s own power will be increased in different ways. according to which you are going to see the company’s market share increasing.
With the increase in the market share of the company. if you look at the Suzlon Energy Share Price Target by 2024 you can see the first target of Rs 15. showing very good growth. After that you can definitely see the second target as being 18 rupees.

Suzlon Share Price Target: 2025?

Suzlon Energy Company is trying to reduce its debt as soon as possible. so the management of the company seems to be taking better decisions.
As a result, the company is concentrating its efforts primarily on projects with high profit margins. With the increase in the profit of the company, the amount of debt in the company will decrease rapidly in the coming time. You will see a lot of growth in the company’s business.
The Government of India is running new types of schemes to promote companies related to the renewable energy sector under which the government is helping companies associated with the clean energy sector.
Companies like Suzlon Energy can take advantage of this campaign run by the government so that you can see the company’s business and its share price rise.
In 2025 you can see the first stock target of Suzlon Energy Company trending around  23 and the second share target around  28.

Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2026?

Suzlon Energy seems to be showing a full focus on reducing its debt as soon as possible for which the company is currently showing the most focus on the work of those projects whose profit margin is the highest due to which the company is going to reduce its debt very fast in the coming days with its increased profits.

 For the last few years the company appears to have been able to keep the debt burden on it under control for a long time as a result of which the company is now having to reduce the interest rate very low every year and this is gradually seeing profits in Suzlon Energy’s business and the debt will gradually decrease and more in the coming days. With the boom  the company’s profits are going to grow.


As the debt of the company will be seen decreasing the Suzlon Energy Share Price Target is expected to show 35 rupees showing good growth in business in 2026 Following that you must see the second target of 38 rupees hit.

A Suzlon share price target is 2027?


The cost and use of green energy are going to increase in the coming days. Therefore if its business runs smoothly we can see this stock becoming a multi-bagger in the coming days.
If we talk about the Suzlon share price target for 2027  its first target comes out to be 45  and if we talk about the second target  then it can go up to about 55

Suzlon Share Price Target: 2030?

After a long time any company books its profit. In such a situation the price of the company’s product also seems to be increasing and the cost and use of green energy are going to increase in the coming days.
Therefore, if its business runs smoothly we can see this stock becoming a multi-bagger in the coming days.
Analysts believe that by the year 2030  the use of green energy is going to increase by about 50% of India’s total energy, which is going to benefit companies like Suzlon Energy that are already working in this sector.
Looking at the company’s better future in the long run if the Suzlon share price target is seen to show growth in the business according to the management’s plan by 2030 then the share price is likely to go around 80-100 rupees.

Suzlon Energy Share Price Target  2040?


In the long run the government of India is gradually increasing its dependence on different renewable energy sources keeping in mind the environment. The government’s overall goal is to convert energy to renewable energy within the next few years and it is expected to invest heavily in this sector.
Along with this, the government is also seen providing help in different ways to increase its production capacity under the new scheme to promote companies related to the renewable energy sector due to which companies
like Suzlon Energy take advantage of the government’s different schemes very well and see a big growth in the business in the coming time. There is hope.
As the government is seen supporting this sector, the Suzlon Energy Share Price Target is expected to see the share price around Rs 600  with the company benefiting from it by 2040.

The Power of Suzlon Energy?

 Some of the positive aspects of the company are as follows:

  • Suzlon Company has drastically reduced its debt by Rs 7103.33 crore.
  • Suzlon Energy’s business has a huge geographical reach and consumer base.
  • The company has a strong brand image.
  • Suzlon emphasises continuous product innovation helping the business maintain a strong market position and improve customer satisfaction.

Weaknesses of Suzlon Energy

Financial issues in the company
  • The company has a huge debt of Rs 4790.11 crore
  • The accumulation of debt continues due to low-interest payments.
  • Both the quick ratio and the current ratio are below one.
  • Suzlon has negative cash flows from operations of -161.37.
  • The company continues to suffer huge losses.
  • 88.54 per cent of the shares of the promoters have been pledged.

Suzlon Energy competitors

  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Havells India
  • Bharat Electron
  • Hind Aeronautics

Risk factors in Suzlon

There is good future potential in this sector, so Suzlon Company will have to compete hard with its competitors in the future.
If Suzlon has to overtake other competing companies, it will have to invest heavily in a new project that may require borrowing. If the company has debt in the future, there may be an economic crisis, which is not good for the company’s business at all this is a risk factor for the company.

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Is Suzlon Share a good investment for the future?

Since the company is trying its best to repay its debt, Apart from this, the management of the company is making new business plans given which it can be said that the company will grow in the future.
Apart from this, the government of India is also trying to cooperate in the field of renewable energy. Suzlon Company Limited will also benefit.
If the experts of the Economic Times are to be believed, according to their analysis, there have been signs of a rise in the share price of Suzlon Company Limited in the last few days. So you can think of a long-term investment in it
But for now you should not invest too much in it instead, you can invest a little bit. If it performs well in the future then you can increase your investment in it.


Suzlon Company Limited is trying its best to maintain its business. So you should stay updated with the news related to it and as soon as you feel the time is right you can invest in it.

Note: However before making any investment be sure to consult one of your stock experts.
We hope that after reading this article on Suzlon Share Price Target 2023- 2025-2030-2035 and 2040 you will now be able to make a decision about investing in Suzlon Share.


Q-What is Suzlon Company Limited?

Suzlon Company Limited is an Indian multinational renewable energy company and one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world The company has a strong focus on sustainability and provides clean energy to the masses

Q-What has been the impact of recent challenges on Suzlon share price?

The Suzlon share price has been under pressure in recent months due to several factors including the overall weakness in the stock market as well as concerns about the company financial position and future prospects.

Q-What are Suzlon future prospects

Despite the challenges that Suzlon has faced the company future

Q-Who is the Chairman of Suzlon?

Tulsi Tanti Shah is the CEO of this company.

Q-Suzlon works in which sector

This company works in the Rinebull region.

Q-Where is Suzlon's headquarters located

Its headquarters (HQ) is located in Pune Maharashtra.

Q-Who is the CEO of Suzlon Energy?

Mr Ashwani Kumar is the CEO of Suzlon Energy

Q-Is Suzlon a debt-free company?

Suzlon has a debt of Rs 4790.11 crore

Q-Can Suzlon be a good purchase

Suzlon is a loss-making company Although the company has reduced its losses in the last two years still the company needs to work hard to earn profits

Q-How will Suzlon Energys' stock be in the future?

The growth of this sector has just started the way the company seems to be working to catch this growing market if it is seen working further in the same direction then the future has full potential to show big growth in the share price

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