JP Power Share Price Target 2025-2023-2026-2030-| In-Depth Analysis

Today we are going to talk about the JP Power Share price target for 2023-2024-2025-2030 and 2035. If you have also invested your money in JP Power (Jayaprakash Power) or are thinking of investing then you must read this post.

In this section we will conduct a thorough examination of J.P. Power. Should I invest in this company at this time? Will the investment in the future be right? Can this company give better returns in the future? How much risk will there be in this company? 

And can this company prove to be a multi-bagger in the future? Is it the right time to buy for the company’s stock? Is Jaypee Power Company’s stock a good stock for long-term investments?

In this post along with analysing the complete details of JP Power business we will also look at the business conditions of the company so that we can get a little idea of how much JP Power has the potential to achieve its share price target in the coming years. Lets’ analyse this in detail:

Information about JP Power JP Power Company Business Diaries

JP Power is an electrical utility. Jayaprakash Gowda ji founded it in 1994, and it is headquartered in Noida, India. Along with electricity, businesses like real estate, construction, health care, and civil engineering are also part of this JP group. And it also has other subsidiaries, and this company has a market value of Rs 3,454 crore.

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited was listed on the National Stock Exchange on April 22, 2005. Then the share price of this company was only ₹ 30 and in 2008, the share price of this company reached ₹ 137. but after 2008 there was a considerable decline. The company’s share price reached Rs 5 in 2021.

The company’s stock has been witnessing a steady rise since 2020 after a significant decline. According to the future, the company can perform better because the demand for renewable energy and electricity will always remain.

jp power the company generates 400 MW of electricity in Uttarakhand. It produces 1320 MW in Madhya Pradesh and 500 MW from thermal power plants in Madhya Pradesh. Looking at the fundamentals of the company, the company has been running in losses continuously for the last few years, due to which the stock is continuously declining.

jp power currently has a debt of Rs 4800 crore, and the company management has to pay interest of Rs 550 crore on this debt. By the way, the company also has a cash reserve of about 4,000 crore rupees.

Let us now try to estimate, on the basis of the growth of the company’s business and other fundamentals of the company, what can be seen in the future by the JP Power Share Price Target of 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030?

JP Power Share Price Target 2023 

When discussing JP Power operations the company is primarily involved in the transmission of energy via hydro and thermal sources. 
The way the market demand for power has increased in recent years has resulted in very good growth for jp Power’s business.
According to the company most recent quarterly results sales have grown significantly and profits have gradually increased as a result.  Analysts predict that the market demand for power will remain unchanged in the upcoming days which will result in an improvement in the companys’ financial performance.
As the demand for power increases in the market the JP Power share price target is expected to reach its first target of 9 rupees with the same increase in business by 2025. As soon as this goal is met the second goal will be reached which will be around Rs 11.

JP Power Share Price Target  2024

 The promoter holding in Jaypee Power Company is only 24% and the promoter has pledged 95% of its shares. due to which the company appears to be a fundamentally weak company. The company net profit is also lower as a result of its high debt. 

 But in the last two quarters the company has seen profits. If the company maintains its profits and performs better by 2024 the company staff can see a considerable increase.
Looking at its business the jp power share price target is likely to see the company first share price target at ₹ 15 in 2024 and then the second share price target at 16 in 2024  although it also depends on the company quarterly results and economy.

JP Power Share Price Target: 2025

Given the ever-increasing demand for power in the market every year JP Power is gradually planning to develop new power plants.
However if you look at the company’s business the business is very good according to the future. The demand for the power sector will always remain in the future. There is a need for power in every industry.
And electricity is a mainstay of the Indian economy without which the economic progress of the country is not possible.
The companys’ business will expand in line with the company’s plans to build new power plants in the near future.
With the continuous increase in the company’s power production capacity if you look at the JP Power Share Price Target by 2025. you can see the first target of Rs 18, showing very good growth. And then you can definitely think of holding the second target for 20 rupees.


jp power share price target 2026

 If the companys business and profits continue to grow the company stock could rise in 2026 the companys first share price target in 2026 is likely to be Rs 24 and the second share price target is Rs 28 however its also depends on many market factors.


JP Power Share Price Target 2030

For the production of power JP Power uses thermal energy, although it has no future because, in the coming time, most of the power can be seen being produced with the help of different renewable energy sources.
Keeping this in mind JP Power can be seen gradually transforming towards renewable energy sources for the production of power in its business in the coming days.
In the coming time the demand for power is going to continue to increase across the country. To meet this demand, JP Power is increasing its dependence on different renewable energy sources for its power production which gives the company’s business the potential to see big growth in the coming time.
The company is continuously reducing its debt. In such a situation it can be estimated that it will start growing very well in a few years. But I can’t say what’s going to happen with JP Power next.
If you see the company successfully transforming the business, then if you look at the JP Power share price target by 2030 along with earning very good returns to the shareholders you will definitely see the share price going around 60 rupees.

JP Power Share Price Target 2035 

The year 2035 is for those who invest in the long term. As we told you a while ago the company’s thermal power business is currently going well. But its future does not look bright either.
And the future is not going to be one of thermal power but of solar or renewable energy. Due to this investing in it can be risky. In such a situation do not invest for the long term. Yes but only if the company makes a positive change in its operations will it be appropriate to invest in it.

The future of JP Power Share

With the future in mind JP Power’s gradual reduction of its massive debt burden is encouraging. In the coming days if the management seems to be able to reduce the debt in the same way and keep it under control then it is going to benefit the company’s business very well.
At the same time given the ever-increasing demand for power in the market the management seems to be adding a lot to increase the production capacity of its power in the coming years. As the company’s capacity sees a good increase its benefits are going to be seen in the company’s business in the future as well.

JP Power Share Risk

Talking about the biggest risk in JP Power’s business the company produces power through thermal clay. Its future looks bleak because keeping in mind the environment the government is gradually promoting renewable energy more and more. 
If in the coming time the company is unable to successfully transform its business towards renewable energy then there is going to be a huge impact on JP Power’s business.
Talking about the second risk in power generation companies companies have to invest a large amount to generate power and set up new plants. If the company is seen investing a large amount by taking out loans in the coming time then the risk in the company’s business is going to increase significantly.

Should we invest in JP Power or not?

If we talk about promoter holdings then more than 87% of the shares have been pledged by the shareholders. 
Its shareholding has decreased in the last 3 years which is not good for the company, Even though it will rise for some time due to good news after some time it may have to suffer losses again.
You should invest in companies with a bright future; there will be a need for them in the future, In such a situation the company will be profitable and you will also be profitable. This Kamini is not investable in the long run You can look at another company to invest in.


So friends this was Jai Prakash Pawar share price target for 2022-2023-2025-2030 and 2035 I hope you guys enjoyed this post written by me.
You must have also learned a lot about JP Power through this post I would like to tell you once again that it is not right to invest in it at all.
I will give you a link to some posts below in which there is information about very good companies You can read those posts and invest in them if you want.



Q: What is the current market value of JP Power?

The market value of JP Power is currently Rs 3,454 crore.

Q: How has the share price of JP Power performed in the past?

JP Power’s share price peaked in 2008 at Rs 137 but has since dropped significantly.The share price in 2021 was Rs 5.

Q: Is it a good time to invest in JP Power?

A: It’s difficult to determine whether it’s a good time to invest in JP Power without analysing the company’s current financial status and future prospects. However, the stock has been witnessing a steady rise since 2020, and the demand for renewable energy and electricity is expected to continue in the future, which could positively impact the company’s performance.

Q: What are the risks associated with investing in JP Power?

The company has been running in losses continuously for the last few years, and the stock is currently trading at a price lower than its book value. The company also has a debt of Rs 4800 crore and pays interest of Rs 550 crore on this debt, which could pose a risk to investors.

Q: What is JP Power's current production capacity?

JP Power generates 400 MW of electricity in Uttarakhand, 1320 MW in Madhya Pradesh, and 500 MW from thermal power plants in Madhya Pradesh.

Q: What is JP Power's price target for the coming years?

t is difficult to predict the exact share price target of JP Power for the coming years, as it depends on various factors such as the company’s financial performance, market conditions, and global trends. However, based on the growth of the company’s business and other fundamentals, it is possible to estimate JP Power’s share price target for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, and 2035.

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