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bajaj finance share price target is 2025-In today’s article. You’ll learn how much Bajaj finance share price targets for 2023–2024. 2025–2026 and 2030 are. as well as how much the Bajaj Finance share price will rise in the future.

In the stock market. you will find all kinds of companies. and many of them give good returns. so many companies lose money completely. When it comes to Bajaj Finance. It ranks high on the list of companies that provide good returns. It has so far given strong returns to its investors.

Its share price is currently running above Rs 6000. But 20 years from now, when it was listed on the stock market its price was very low. At that time its share price was only 4 to 5 rupees if someone had invested 1 lakh rupees in this company at that time it would now be worth 15 crore rupees.

Company Overview Bajaj Finance Limited 


For the last few years Bajaj Finance has been constantly growing at the pace of its business due to which every big investor is seeing increasing holdings in this company.
However. in 2020 there was a decline in the share price due to the Corona epidemic. However. as soon as the lockdown was lifted the share price returned to its previous range and began to rise.
 This stock gave a return of about 134% in one year which will be considered better than other companies. Bajaj Finance Limited was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange around 2002 at that time the share price of this company was kept at ₹ 5.75.
The company’s stock is now trading around ₹ 7400  you can guess how well it has served its investors in just 20 years. 
The IPO of Bajaj Finance Limited came around 2008 at that time the price of the company’s stock was around ₹ 633  although it has now increased significantly due to which the number of people investing in the company.
Questions are being raised in the minds of many shareholders about the future of this stock and the future target price.
along with analyzing the complete details of Bajaj Finances’ business. we will also look at the future aspects of the company’s business so that we can get a little idea of how much Bajaj Finances’ share price target can be seen in the coming years. Let’s analyze this in detail:

About Bajaj Finance


Bajaj Finance Company was founded by Rahul Bajaj on March 25 1987. The headquarters of this company is located in Pune  Maharashtra. As of 2022. it employs more than 35 000 employees.

It is an NBFC (non-banking financial corporation) working in business sectors like leading finance and asset management.

At the same time. it is also a company with a very high market cap. Its total market cap is Rs 4.42 lakh crore in Indian rupees which is really good. Its share prices are currently running slightly below their highest price.

But looking at its growth experts claim that it will give good returns very soon. Although its shares also fluctuate there is more fluctuation than ups and downs. Let’s now talk about its share price target.

Bajaj Finance  Share Price Target 2023

When it comes to non-banking financial companies, Bajaj Finance and Bajaj Finance come first. Bajaj Finserv is the parent company of Bajaj Finance which holds more than 52% of Bajaj Finance. which is why you would invest in Bajaj Finance indirectly. You also invest in Bajaj Finance.

Bajaj Finserv operates in all these segments. including loans and insurance investments. of which the company gets the highest revenue from the insurance segment.

Management says that gradually the company is seeing very good revenue coming from the rest of the business segment due to which there is going to be very good growth in revenue in the coming days.

As the company’s revenue grows  Bajaj Finance’s share price target shows very good growth by 2023  and the first target is expected to be Rs 2100. following this goal. You should have no trouble reaching the second goal of Rs. 2200.

Bajaj Finance Share Price Target 2024 

I told you above that due to the improvement in the Npa of this company its business has grown very well. But it is a very difficult task to improve the NPA of a company.
The lower the NPA the faster the company appears to be growing in the future. After the departure of Coron. it is putting full emphasis on recovering its losses. In such a situation the future of this company looks much brighter.
If we talk about Bajaj Finances’ share price target for 2024. then its first target for 2024 can be around Rs 6450  and its second target can be around Rs 6600.

Bajaj Finserv Share Price Prediction 2025

This company is so trustworthy that it owns a 50% stake in multi-bagger stocks like Bajaj Finance.

In view of this many investors want to invest in Bajaj Finance Company but let us tell you that the stock of Bajaj Finance Company is currently running above ₹ 7000.

But Bajaj Finserv Limited’s stock is still around ₹ 1700 despite bonuses and the split so retail investors can easily buy it.

The company is currently trying to expand its business further for which it has recently partnered with other companies.

Keeping in mind the future the company is updating its business with the latest technology due to which the company first share target in Bajaj Finserv Share Price Target 2025 can be ₹ 2700 and the second share target can be ₹ 2800.


Bajaj Finance’s share price target is 2026

The company is seen giving loans in rural areas. for this reason. Even if four or five customers do not pay the company’s NPA may not see such a huge increase.
According to our analysis, your second target for 2025 will be reached as soon as possible. As a result the first target for 2026 is Rs 11937 The second target is most likely Rs 12340.
In the long run. Bajaj Finserv seems to be showing the most focus on strengthening its customer base. In particular in its B
the company has been providing good offers and deals on many new products for the customer from time to time with the help of which Bajaj Finserv has managed to attract a strong customer base across the country.
According to analysts the way Bajaj Finserv has managed to establish a strong relationship with the customer in the loan and insurance sectors the company will get very good benefits in the coming time, and you are going to see a good boom in the company’s business accordingly.

Bajaj Finserv Share Price Target: 2030

If you look at the company’s all-time returns they have been about 167%. looking at the company’s split and bonus. We can see that one share has resulted in 10 shares.

If you want to invest in the company by 2030. It can be a good source of income for you before that. 

Given the limitations of the company’s business in the long run  Bajaj Finance’s share price target is likely to give the shareholder a very good return by 2030 and show you a share price of around Rs 8000.

Bajaj Finance Share Price Expectation in 10 Years ?

Now that it is time for Bajaj Finance’s share price target after 10 years. The current year is 2023; if you look ahead 10 years, then 2033 will come around. That is what can Bajaj Finance’s share price be by 2033? Now I will tell you.
looking at the company’s AUM  i.e. assets under management.  A lot of good money is seen increasing every year within their management. due to this. The company is rapidly expanding its business. The company distributes the money it receives in many different sectors.
where the possibility of NPA is very low. This helps the company grow much faster. If we talk about Bajaj Finance Share Price Target After 10 Years
 then its first target can be ₹ 15000 and the second target can be ₹ 16800.
What is the future of Bajaj Finance Limited?
The future of this company looks much better. Its business is also looking very favourable for the long term. At present people have started using this company as it expands. Its share price will also see a jump accordingly.
At present.  it does not occupy the entire market. However. it is gradually taking hold. At the same time. its management also converts money into different sectors at the right time which is a very good thing. This gives the company an advantage over any change.
If we look at the company fundamentally it looks very good and has very strong management. Because the rest of the companies in this sector are not ahead of it.  the company has a lot of room to grow.

Risk of Bajaj Finance’s share

If we talk about the biggest risk in the Bajaj Finance business.  If the company works in the insurance and retail loan segments. Then every year many banks place the greatest emphasis on these segments which may make it difficult for them to expand their business in the future.
Talking about the second risk many rules and regulations of the government are seen for companies associated with the NBFC sector and due to Bajaj Finance being a part of this the company’s business may have to face some difficulties due to the rules and regulations of the government in the coming time.
Bajaj Finance Limited is consistently performing well and giving good results to its investors.
This company has given returns of about 305% to its investors in the last 5 years which is quite good. There is no doubt that the company is doing well but if you want to invest in it. You should study the graph of the company’s previous years’ data correctly.
However. keep in mind that before making any investment decision you should thoroughly research the company or seek the advice of your financial advisor.
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What is the price of Bajaj Finance's shares right now ?

The current share price of Bajaj Finance is trading around Rs 7400

What was the share price of Bajaj Finance when it was listed on the stock market?

Around 2002, Bajaj Finance’s share price was maintained at Rs 5.75 when it was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange.

What was the return of Bajaj Finance in one year?

Bajaj Finance gave a return of about 134% in one year which is considered better than other companies

What is the market cap of Bajaj Finance?

As of 2022 the total market cap of Bajaj Finance is Rs 4.42 lakh crore in Indian rupees

What is the future share price target of Bajaj Finance?

The future share price target of Bajaj Finance cannot be accurately predicted. It is based on various factors such as market conditions company performance and overall economic conditions.

What is Bajaj Finance and what does it do?

Bajaj Finance is a non-banking financial corporation (NBFC) that operates in the finance and asset management sectors. It was founded by Rahul Bajaj on March 251987 and its headquarters are located in Pune, Maharashtra. As of 2022. it employs more than 35000 employees.

Is Bajaj Finance a good investment option?

The decision to invest in Bajaj Finance should be based on individual financial goals risk tolerance and a thorough analysis of the company’s financial performance. It is always advisable to consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.




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